PathServe Autopsy And Human Tissue Bank is a tissue supplier for bioresearch and educational institutions. It was established in 1990 in order to better satisfy the needs of Bay Area hospitals using inexpensive and reliable postmortem examinations. Today we’ve grown into a multidepartmental organization; serving worldwide as a human tissue supplier to biotech and neuropathological research institutions as well as a centralized autopsy provider and a Whole Body Donation program.

Human tissue is the critical resource for numerous innovative research protocols. These protocols are directed toward the study of a large group of incurable diseases which continue to stymie medical science as they exact their price in suffering and death. For most somal, psychiatric and neurological disorders there are, as yet, no suitable animal models.

Recognizing the inherent limitations of clinical trials and of animals as experimental models for human illnesses, the National Institute of Health and other public and private agencies fund a number of human-tissue banks. These banks rely entirely on the steady rate of autopsies performed, with the consent of the family, concerning patients who have had a thorough medical workup, in order to obtain a wide range of tissue samples.

All tissues are stored either formalin fixed or snap-frozen. Fresh tissues are available as well. Tissue provided for research and commercial development worldwide.